Vision & Mission

Vision and Mission

Logos Academy is founded on the Truth of the Bible and on a global education perspective. It adopts the “through-train” mode of primary and secondary education, takes advantage of the flexibility of the direct-subsidy scheme and enjoys well-equipped classrooms and buildings with high-tech learning facilities. With these, Logos Academy is in a privileged position to develop into a unique school of character, meeting world-class standards and comparing with high quality schools around the world.

We strongly believe that the heart of education is education of the heart. Logos Academy is committed to assist our students to pursue an abundant life built on truth, goodness and beauty. We aim at providing an all-round education leading to students’ spiritual, moral, cognitive, aesthetic, physical and social growth. The school also cultivates and enhances students’ ability to inquire, reason, self-learn, solve problems and to face the many challenges of life. We aim to cultivate a culture of learning whereby learning is an effective and pleasurable undertaking for students. In addition, we work to ensure that this culture will also be shared among school board members, the principal, teachers, and staff members as well as parents.

We trust that life kindles life. On this basis, Logos Academy will serve as a meeting point for talented local and overseas educators to work hand-in-hand for the wellbeing of our students. We maintain a strong connection with external organizations, staying up-to-date with the latest educational and scientific research, and implement new educational theories and ideas to ensure our continued progress in the direction of excellence. We also share our practices and experiences with other schools to raise the quality of education throughout the world.

The school invites parents to collaborate with management. We will set aside resources to enhance the professional growth of our teachers and to enrich their personal lives. Ongoing improvement and adjustments in the curriculum, teaching methods, and the design of learning activities, assessments and management will help the school set the right direction to provide quality education for the community.

It is the long standing culture of Logos Academy to carry out academic exchange activities with both local and overseas institutes. Establishing close relationships with scholars and /or other educational counterparts can help to widen our horizons and improve the quality of our teaching, learning and school administration.